Posts for the month of February 2009

PyCon 2009 -- Chicago

PyCon 2009: Chicago

I'm going to PyCon again this year. Today is the last day for the early bird enrollment rates, so sign up today! If you're going, drop me an email. I'll be there for the conference as well as the sprints. During the sprints I plan to work on porting a couple of Trac plugins and improving the test coverage.

Lego Starfighter 14145Y-B


This was my entry into the SCI-LUG 2nd Contest: Small Starfighter Build on flickr. The idea was to build a starfighter that would fit inside a box 14 studs by 14 studs by 5 bricks tall. There have been a huge number of entries; the judges are going to have a time of it.

Here for posterity are the instructions on how to build my little starfighter: Lego/Starfighter-14145Y-B.